About Sophy

Hello you lovely person you! Thanks for visiting my page to see what it’s all about!

So what will you find here? Basically I love to inspire you and show you that anyone can follow their passions when it comes to interior styling, photography and writing. I also have a new passion lately – and that’s my health and fitness. So you might find a bit about that too.

I love being creative and sharing my life and my home with you on my Instagram page and my blog, and I love telling you about new products that I have discovered or tried.

In the 9-5 world I work in an office, outside of these hours I work as a freelance Brand Rep/Product Stylist. I am an English girl who decided to start her life over in Australia in 2013. I live near the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria with my partner of three years and my two puppies – Ava & Kobi.

So far life has taught me things don’t always work out the way we planned, (I thought I would have two kids by now, own my own house and be a full blown responsible adult) but I honestly believe that everything happens for a reason and it’s important to remember that.

I am working on worrying less, letting go of the negative things around me, and loving and believing in myself more. There are lots of beautiful people out there in the online community that have already inspired me and motivated me more than I ever thought possible, and if I can do that for at least one other person that follows my journey then I will be a very happy lady.

Feel free to get in touch and say hello – I love hearing from you!

I hope you enjoy this little lifestyle blog of mine.

Sophy xxx


2 thoughts on “About Sophy

  1. Hi sophy 🙂

    I have just stumbled across your instagram and thought i would check out your blog. And bless the f**king lord i did.
    You are such an inspiring person and have already helped me focus and get my head around all the shit i have to do at the moment. Working 3 jobs, being a freelance florist and starting uni this week.

    So for that i just want to thank you and tell you to keep up the bad ass work and i will be following 100%

    Jayla xx


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